The Spirit of the Universe and the Invention of the Wheel

It has been a mystery that many have pondered over the years. Who invented the wheel and why? It is depicted in ancient hieroglyphs and imagery in rock art dating to the Neolithic. The Spirit, however, showed me a vision that prompted me to look further back in the records to find its precursor in the Stone Age. An image located at Tata, Hungary, dates to over 400,000 years ago and is a circle/cross symbol etched on a nummulite fossil.

As part of my research into the origin of language and religion the Spirit, with which I have a strong link following my reincarnation, sent me on a learning curve. Shown how ancient mysteries and secrets are preserved it is time to expose their meaning and how they now form a trap to bring the false gods to an end.

What was unknown by them as people changed from hunter-gatherers to sedentary life was the structure of the universe. They thought of the world as a flat surface because they never figured out the curvature of it. The end of the earth was the ocean which, in their minds, rose up in a circular shape above the earth.

They worked this out on the colours and the horizon which, to an untrained mind, showed the rise of the water as it blended the sky and ocean together. Add to these things the lack of language, which was basic at best, and the poor attitude towards record keeping.

To them everything was a circle. The earth was contained in a big circle. The universe above them is a circle. The sun, which they worshipped as their god, is a circle. Without anything to change their assessment of the planet no one dreamed that it too is a sphere.

As things developed due to sedimentation they used symbols and sounds associated with such to develop language as a vehicle of communication. Invention, borrowing, and things like clicks, claps, and knocks, were all part of the mix. Some languages still work with them, such as that of the !Kung people of the Kalahari Desert and the !Quichuan speakers of Mexico. (The symbol! stands for ‘click)

Possibly the first sounds related to the simple ones that could be formed easily with the mouth and required no voice box were mostly glides, stops, and vowels sounds. The latter fall into this category and [o], [a], [e], [i], and [u], figured in their speech. That is beside the fact that some languages developed complicated double vowels while others use only three or four.

Using the letter [o] as a starting point and that of [i] as its mate the combined sounds of ‘io’ and ‘oi’ means God in Maori and Judaism. ‘Io’ became ‘jo’ when the letter [j] was introduced and ‘joy’ or ‘joi’ means ‘ultimate happiness’.

With the combined circle/cross symbol known from hundreds if not thousands of years previously the wheel was a product of it. Depictions show them as basic designs with the right-angled cross as the spokes. Later depictions have six and then eight spokes that are required for strength.

It did not take long before the wheel became a means to create a vehicle. The first chariots are shown in the Assyrian capital drawing dating from some 8-10,000 years ago. Egyptian chariots were more sophisticated and the European ones copied their style.

Inventing 101 – Learning The Invention Process

What is an invention? To briefly define its meaning, invention is a product or an idea conceptualized by an inventor through his productive imagination. Once an invention has been materialized, it can provide fame and profit.

Inventing is an extraordinary talent and can be a very rewarding experience especially if it will benefit many people. It basically involves three basic processes; evaluating, patenting and marketing. It may sound easy, but the truth is, it’s not. Unfortunately, there are some aspiring inventors who fail in materializing their ideas because they disregard the importance of assessing the potential success of their invention and skipped the necessary steps that they should take since the very beginning.

To begin with your future inventions, you must learn and follow these fundamental processes;

1. Don’t push yourself to stir up ideas. Take your time, keep it fun and just enjoy what you’re doing.

2. Keep evaluating and researching the potential success of your invention. Internet, magazines and local stores are some great sources where you can explore ideas and obtain competitive searches.

3. Always have a pen and paper at hand. Ideas can pop up any time or can easily be forgotten. So make sure to carry these two things so you can write down what you have in mind or what you find while doing your research.

4. Enhance your idea and bring it to life. This is the most exciting part of the inventing process. But you have to understand that this is a period where you need to spend some amount so be 100% sure that you are satisfied with your evaluation, research and studies prior to the developing procedure.

5. Protect your discovery through an invention disclosure. Make sure to follow the right patent process to avoid expensive mistake or might as well get a help and advice from an attorney.

6. The final part is to sell your invention. If you are planning to sell your invention to a company or manufacturers, make sure to have a reliable patent and present them a pleasing proposal with how they will benefit from acquiring your product.

Cool ideas for inventions have an extreme impact to our socioeconomic movement. It’s the challenge and experience that makes an aspiring inventor to continue striving for the best invention that can turn to a million dollar idea. It may take a long process, effort and frustration but if you are confident that your invention can do well, the result and reward can definitely compensate your hard work.

It is crucial for inventors to understand the essential processes of inventing before proceeding to the patent application, research and marketing. Anyone can express an idea, but in order for an idea to become bona fide, one should take the initiative to make it real while accepting the possibilities regardless of the situation. Moreover, it would be wise to let your new invention ideas be analyzed by an invention consulting company as they can provide a comprehensive report on the potential success of your discovery.