The Wisdom of Youth – Or The Folly of Old Age

I have been blessed on my travels through this world to meet people who have taught much that enabled me to re-evaluate time worn wisdom.

My personal experiences of working with the elderly over a two year period and observing and listening to their perspectives I came to believe more and more that a life without purpose and meaning is a life not worth living. For many older people once they have undertaken the roles life has presented them with, they are left with huge amounts of time to fill. To end ones retirement years as many do, by watching the television screen dish out superficial programmes in the name of entertainment, must numb the real heartbreak of feeling useless in a Universe that appears to treat them as someone to be fed and watered, where real communication is lacking and a loneliness and emptiness of purpose is their lot.

There was a time when the “senior” years was regarded as a time for the “wisdom of the elders” – perhaps in some cultures this remains true, but here in the U.K. this reflection does not ring true.

Yet the wisdom of living a life of purpose and meaning with knowledge that we are part of a universal consciousness and not simply a small human being of little importance was emphasised for me when I met a young ex Israeli Soldier who shared much of his perspectives of his life’s experiences with me. Yet where will the future find him say in forty years into the future?

When young we do not give thought to how we will spend the time available to us perhaps we are physically challenged and can no longer do the things that inspired us as a youth. To take some time and reflect on this could be useful and prevent long years of misery. Sadly this was the lot of some of the residents I worked with as I attempted to bring new energy and inspiration into their lives, some responded but most had given up the ghost long before I arrived in their lives.

I must concede that age is not a factor in wisdom, only experience can teach wisdom, not books, not movies that at best can point a way and at worse be a total distraction from the very need to take up the challenge of first- hand experience. Listening to the wisdom of our hearts may be the first step. That in itself is a challenge in the clamour of the noise of polluting forces as it succeeds in pulling us as far away from our hearts and souls as it is possible to go.

As a progressive and evolving being,

man is where he is that he may learn

that he may grow;

and as he learns the spiritual lesson

which any circumstance contains for him,

it passes away and gives place

to other circumstances.

James Allen

Future Education In The Age Of The Implanted Brain Information and Communication Chip

Not long ago, I was discussing with a future Think Tank member his concerns about how education in North America and around the world is not keeping up with technology, or ready for the future of computer-brain interfaces. This may sound like an esoteric topic, however when you consider the speed of these technologies, I am sure we’ve already all thought about how in the future, your smart phone will be nothing more than a brain-chip with full Internet Access that works with your organic brain in real-time. Want to send a thought, just think it, think about whom you’d like to send this thought to, and it’s sent, post on social media and you are done.

Want to learn a new topic, no need, you have instant access to all human information, and it will feel as if it is all in your own memory, just think a question and viola, you have the answer. My think tank acquaintance noted that we are a ways off from that future, and if the past is any indication of how we might handle that future, then we are in big trouble. Education is broken already, and it will not be able to adapt to something that different. He noted we need to fix all the rote memorization teaching, it isn’t working. And, I would submit to you that it will be even worse in the future, in fact; why memorize anything if you have full-time unlimited access to all the information ever created and stored in the cloud of humanity?

So what he is saying is that we have to teach people to THINK, not just put the students in rows, open their skulls and pour information in to them, which is what pedagogy has been for most of the 20th century and now to for a lot of this century. I of course agree. If we integrate the brain-chip or implanted information, or access to all human information in real time to the brain, it will only work if the human user has enough foresight to ask the right questions, and cross-pollinate the information in an innovative and creative way. This is something that humans are good at, when they practice it, and as of yet, AI computers are not so good at. Together (AI + human brains) it will be smarter than either on its own, smarter than today’s human and smarter than a future AI computer chip w/instant access to all human information to date and up on all new information in real-time.

The increase in IQ wouldn’t matter. Everyone would be super smart and retain unlimited information in the cloud storage device or set of distributive cloud computers around the planet. The best and most creative minds would use this information in the most novel ways, ask the best questions and have most of those questions answered to pose new ones. The speed of innovation would be so intensive that Ray Kurzweil’s “Singularity” theory would be realized in short order.