Memory Is Stored Outside the Body

Science News Magazine February 3, 2018, “People tend to think of memories as deeply personal, ephemeral possessions-snippets of emotions, words, colors and smells stitched into our unique neural tapestries as life goes on.” One of today’s most entrenched explanations puts engrams (memories) squarely within the synapses, connections where chemical and electrical messages move between nerve cells, or neurons. However, Tonegawa and colleagues in 2015 in the Journal Science concluded that “The memory was stored in something that isn’t related to the strength of the synapses.” “The cellular machines that are required for calling up memories are not necessarily the same machines that store memories.” Ryan, Tonegawa, and Glanzman (Noted scientists) all think that… bulked-up synapses, are important for retrieving memories, but not the thing that actually stores them… Levin and Tal Shomrat reported in 2013 in the Journal of Experimental Biology ‘The fact that memory somehow survived decapitation experiments hints that signals outside of the brain may somehow store memories, even if temporarily’.” “For now, the field hasn’t been able to explain memories in tangible terms.”

Hypothesis: There is a human spirit that each person inherits from their parents at birth that stores that person’s memory.

If we look at the complete article from Science News Magazine quoted above and the research behind the article, one concludes that the brain is the mechanism to retrieve memories into consciousness, but not to store them, and that memory is not only not stored in the brain, but perhaps it is not stored in the body. So where is memory stored? This is the question I address in this article.

Look around the room you are sitting in then look away. Can you remember what you saw? Do you believe that it is likely that the brief glimpse you just took has caused the brain to physically change that quickly, that any part of your body has immediately altered to store that glimpse and all the glimpses and senses you have experienced in your life? Do you believe in life-after-death? If so, wouldn’t you think you would retain your memory when the body passes away? While science does not normally address spiritual issues, I believe that the search for the location of memory will help us to understand the nature of the human spirit and more than that.

Theory: To discuss the human spirit one must look beyond science for the theory then try to use scientific methods to see if the theory may be true. I don’t believe mathematics will help us find a proof. I draw my theory from revelations from the Christian Bible and personal experience because it is only through revelation and personal experience that the spirit can be understood and cognitively sensed.

Personal Experience: While the spirit cannot currently be scientifically proven it can be sensed through emotional energy. If we think about what might be detected from the human spirit the most obvious one is love. Love cannot be directly detected from the senses yet everyone knows that it exists. This is also true of hate, anger, envy, and other emotions. Think of how your energy level rises when you experience any of these emotions. The energy rise that we experience results from chemicals in the brain that are reacting as a result of information received by the brain from the spirit. The concept is like cloud computing where the information is stored outside the computer. Under this concept, the window on the spirit is emotion. The theory is that all memory is stored in the spirit and we can detect this through emotion, a direct link between the spirit and cognition.

We Know of the Human Spirit from Revelation: I propose that each of us is the result of the combining of the physical and spiritual “DNA” of our parents. If we believe in God, we are told that men and women are created in God’s image. (We have a spirit and a physical form like Jesus). However, we not only resemble Him, but God has created us so that we can also reproduce. The man’s sperm impregnates the woman’s egg and another human being is formed. That human being is “begotten” by two humans and has its own physical body and, in addition according to my theory, a human spirit from its mother and father. I propose that the human spirits of the mother and father join to form the human spirit of their baby. I propose that each of us is the result of the combining of the physical and spiritual “DNA” of our parents. This human spirit feeds your consciousness and has the free will to seek God or turn away.

I further propose that the human spirit is the spiritual egg of a spiritual person. From a human spiritual perspective, we are all females. If a person seeks God, God impregnates their human spirit with the Holy Spirit to form a spiritual person, like the father’s sperm impregnates the mother’s egg to form a physical person. Under this theory, the two spirits (God’s and the individual’s) become a spiritual embryo and eventually are actually born as a spiritual person, a child of God at the time of a person’s physical death. If you think back to the story of the Virgin Mary we see this described, in part, in the birth of Jesus.

Luke 1:35 (NASB)

35 And the angel said to her, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; therefore the child to be born will be holy; he will be called Son of God.”

Jesus only had half a human spirit because Mary was a virgin. She had to be a virgin under this theory. Human spirits only result from the union of human parents. Jesus, therefore, had Mary’s half of a human spirit and the full Spirit of God within his miraculously conceived human body. He was tempted and felt sorrow showing Mary’s half, yet he overcome his human desires because of God’s Holy Spirit. He had both a physical and Holy Spiritual body while He was alive on earth. The Apostles saw His spiritual body during His transfiguration. When He was crucified, his physical body passed away and His spiritual body remained. He is the first Son of God.

Under this theory, the spiritual person is born after the physical death of the physical person. We are literally born again in the spirit as a child of God. With all the memories that we gathered while we were physically alive. This would be you with all your memories, skills and abilities yet in a recognizable spiritual body. As Paul says in Romans 8 Verse 23, we only have the first fruits of the Spirit now and are awaiting our full adoption / birth as God’s children. These first fruits include all our memory. This makes us spiritual embryos throughout our physical lifetime and the earth the womb of God. The human spirit has the choice to love God or turn away. If the choice is to love God, then the Holy Spirit comes upon us as he did with Mary and creates a spiritual embryo by joining our human spirit and the Holy Spirit. In this way, God creates a true loving spiritual family comprised of “children of God” who truly love him. And, Jesus is the first fruit, so we will be like him. Here is what Paul has to say:

1 Corinthians 15:42-46 (NASB)

42 So also is the resurrection of the dead. It is sown a perishable body, it is raised an imperishable body;

43 it is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory; it is sown in weakness, it is raised in power;

44 it is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body. If there is a natural body, there is also a spiritual body.

45 So also it is written, “The first MAN, Adam, BECAME A LIVING SOUL.” (Human spirit) The last Adam (Jesus Christ) became a life-giving spirit. (Holy Spirit)

46 However, the spiritual is not first, but the natural; then the spiritual.

Romans 8:14-17 (NASB)

14 For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.

15 For you have not received a spirit of slavery leading to fear again, but you have received a spirit of adoption as sons by which we cry out, “Abba! Father!”

16 The Spirit Himself testifies with our spirit that we are children of God,

17 and if children, heirs also, heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him so that we may also be glorified with Him.

We will be born again as sons of God.

Our spirit in the quote above is our human spirit that contains the seat of our memory throughout our lifetime before and after our death. Memories are retrieved by the brain.

How A Simple Computer Simulation Will Save The World

What if a simple computer simulation could change the entire world and the field of science itself? It is possible that you can actually upload a photo or video through a computer simulation, and it will come to life because of its essence. An essence is any mark or imprint left of a real-life person, place, event, or thing. Any essences could come to life, as the impression still has all the details embedded in them, and are simulated into a visualized environment, where it is taken apart and put back together through reverse engineering!

If you could actually upload an entire cancer cell, reverse engineer it to figure out how cancer works, and then make them into healthy cells, we could do this in life, just because the essence is real! Imagine not only eradicating cancer, but we could also figure out new types of technology, not to mention new forms of science. Scientists would be able to come up with new, cleaner, and efficient types of energy, that isn’t so hard on the environment and it’s inhabitants, such as you and me. Imagine never running out of power or energy, which would then be more affordable, cheaper, and accessible!

This is like no other type of computerized environments, as it isn’t just based on guess-work, or even building simulation from scratch, as you would already have the necessary resources when you upload or scan the essence into the virtual world! We could figure out how to eradicate and cure any and all known diseases, and the governments of the world wouldn’t be able to censure or destroy it! This technology would literally give us back the 1000 years of science that we had lost through the Dark Ages, as this would give us a technologically advanced society in just a few short years, maybe up to a decade at most!

You would never run out of food or go hungry, as the scientists would be able to reproduce the foods and they would figure out how to genetically modify the foods so that they are nutritious and tasty! The scientists would learn how plants grow, so that they could make better foods, and how to grow them exponentially, and plentiful and even larger! The environment would improve substantially, as CO2 emissions would drop definitely. This would be the miracle technology that we would need!

How does having the technology of your dreams sound, say such as being able to go directly inside of a virtual reality game, to fight the malevolent aliens, and to save the good aliens who are just trying to help, the ones that they are at war with! To save our planet in your own way, in your own personal space, in your own virtual reality simulation! And not to mention the better ways to communicate, as the process would be unlimited and have an ease of use. If we could dream big, and make this a total reality, the world would possibly be at peace!

Having a pet would be much more simple as well, because the food would be plentiful and healthy, improved for that matter! You would literally be able to cure your own pet, because that type of care would be easy to use once society had advanced. You wouldn’t have to euthanize your pets just because they got had a broken leg, nor would you have to put them down just because you couldn’t pay for veterinary costs. You would be able to live longer with your pets, and you would live longer also.

This technology is known as Essence Generation and Simulation, as the simulation would allow scientists to figure out problems, while the generation would allow the researchers the necessary tools to fix any and all problems. Such advances like making traffic safer, fighting against violent criminals and figuring out who was innocent and who was guilty. It would allow the law enforcement to weed out who actually committed the crime, and who was just at the wrong place at the wrong time! Essence Generation and Simulation would power the world for all of time, better than solar, wind, biofuel, and much more! Nothing is off-limits when you have a technologically advanced society, which this science would allow.

May The Force Be With You Always

“May the force be with you.” Science fiction? Maybe not! It is proven that every living thing emits energy. Are ability to harness and constructively use it is just beginning to be developed. An emotional response for survival is probably the closest in explaining this phenomenon of energy that is in every living organism.

No-where in the course of human history has the destinies of mankind been shaped more by one single emotion. An emotion so powerful no other force or devises even comes close in scope to the magnitude of it’s influence on the decisions made by man. The insidiousness of a hydrogen bomb may be the most destructive devise designed by man, but, it is this emotion and reactions from it’s influence in the minds of man that has caused more devastation on civilizations and nature.

What is this emotion? A force that continues to have the most direct influence on actions and the reciprocal responses caused by those actions taken. The emotion of “Love.” This emotion has many interpretations. It is when this emotion becomes so obsessive and consumes the human soul mans judgement and actions are no longer virtuous but rather devious in nature. The love of power and control are prime examples of how man has become obsessed in following through on decisions that have had disastrous consequences on societies and our planet. The recent and ongoing crisis in Libya and the Mid-East are constant reminders of what love of money, power, and control has wrought. We can also say that the protest of Occupy Wall Street is also a reaction of mans love of power, control, and wealth.

In a world that is filled with the continuing onslaught of atrocities against man and nature it is the virtuous side of the emotion of love that is the power and influence behind those decisions and actions taken to reduce and eventually eradicate all the suffering caused by individuals, organizations, and nations that have become so grossly obsessed with an interpretation of a force they can’t comprehend.

Why mankind continues rendering more devastation on humanity is a timeless question. Perplexing as the question itself are the answers. The evolution of the emotion of love has had profound effects on the virtues of mankind. Wisely interpreted its influence has and continues to have an undeniable positive influence on decisions and actions taken. Through-out the many interpretations of love, the emotion, like in all facets of life when one becomes so obsessed and fixated on certain aspects of this emotion they ultimately are blinded and oblivious to the many positive attributes that this emotion offers the human experience.

There is a spirituality in the presence of the emotion of love that is within all of us. Whether we tap into the virtuous or the obsessive aspect is one that is contingent upon the many influences that mankind has been and are being exposed to. Education, a nurturing of compassion, humility and humanity all through life are essential in mankind’s quest for harmony and peace with one another and nature.

Blinded Rationality

In the journey of life, individuals often happen to be at a point from where they have to choose a path from among many paths laid before them. Once they choose a particular path, the other paths are automatically closed and never be available to them in their life. The individuals think that their chosen path is better than other paths and start believing that is the right path for them. However, in reality, there is a chance that one of the other paths could have been a better one. The irony is the other path cannot be seen or experienced unless it is chosen. This other path can only be visualized or imagined and the individuals visualize the other path as less favorable than the chosen path. I call this situation ‘blinded rationality’ because their choice is rational but blinded by the limitation explained above.

Understanding this concept is important because we as individuals, organization, or institution take decisions for self or group or for public to achieve a certain goal. Even the chosen path has inherent problems and opportunities. Each chosen path has multiple lanes and each lane leads us to different destinations. We reach different destinations depending upon how we manage our problems and opportunities. For example, what could have been the state of the U.S. economy had they chosen some ‘X’ as their President instead of President Trump? What could have been the state of the economies of other countries or regions? It could have been better or worse but we would never be able to see that. The world under ‘X’ would have been different with its inherent problems and opportunities. Those problems and opportunities might have been managed with different policy decisions. Consequently, it might have led us to a different destination, a destination that can only be imagined or visualized. No one can prove that. It can best be only in our mind or in a paper.

Another setting example is the Indian stock market. India’s growth rate was around 8% from 2014-2016. Since then it has never seen the previous level though it is growing at or above the Hindu rate of growth. However, the Indian stock market has climbed to its historical peak recently. The stock market community was in jubilation and celebrated the achievement. Skeptics questioned in the media why the stock market is climbing while India has been registering less growth rate in the last 2 years. Let us see the BSE Sensex from 2014-2020. The highest Sensex numbers from 2014 to 2020 are 27739, 28044, 27714, 32683, 37128, 38460, and 40478 respectively. In the first 3 years, the index has not grown. It has been stagnant though India has been registering 8% growth rate. The Sensex has grown more than 15% though India’s growth rate was less than 8%. In the following year, the Sensex has again grown around 15% though India registered a growth rate less than the previous year. In the last 2 years, the Sensex registered less than 5% though Indian economy registered more than 5% growth rate. The recent peak was actually overdue. If we do a bit of math multiplying 27739 with India’s growth rate in the said period, we almost reach 40000 level. This peak is normal in accordance with India’s growth rate. However, people look at this figure differently. Some think that it is irrational exuberance. Some others think that the Sensex should have reached 45000 had the growth rate for the last 3 years been around 8% or more. What is real is 40000 due to our chosen path. The 45000 or 50000 is only in our mind or in paper because the other paths are closed as a path was chosen with some rational thinking. However, 45000 or 50000 was not improbable. We cannot just prove that because of human limitation. We cannot see simultaneously different worlds.

Why Do You Dream of Flat Tires?

You may recognize the title of this article as a line from a Joni Mitchell song. I found it so poignant that it has stuck with me from the time I first heard it so many years ago. All of recorded history is replete with the evidence of how the human race has dreamed flat tires by creating models of the physical universe that were later found to be in error. One of the most famous was a model of the Earth as the center of the universe. As a person watches the ever-changing position of the sun and moon across a diurnal cycle and ties that information to the idea that the Earth seems to be still, it is no surprise that the intuitive conclusion would be that the heavens are in motion around one centrally positioned planet.

In modern times, the prevailing opinion about why the masses were loathe to give up this idea, even when given mathematical evidence to the contrary, was that being on a planet that was at the center of the universe also included a privileged position for its inhabitants with the creator of that universe. But, that’s not entirely the reason behind the delay in enlightenment. History education often focuses on the few brilliant minds who came along and lifted us out of these Dark Age ideas. What history generally does not show are the bright minds who devised equally impressive mathematical models that entrenched the accepted notions. The Ancient Greek astronomer, Claudius Ptolomy built a very sophisticated machine of gears that not only demonstrated the travel of the sun around the Earth, it even accounted for the retrograde motion of the planets known at that time. This model was so overwhelmingly convincing that it stood for nearly 1000 years. Even though his idea had fallen out of favor by 1492, Ptolomy’s work was still so revered that Columbus used his world maps when setting sail to find new lands. The diagrams on these maps were precisely why Columbus thought he had landed in India.

Given the sophistication of our technology, it is likely we would discredit any notion that we live in a time of limiting models like the one in the example above. The truth is, instead of building precisely engineered models with gears, we use powerful super-computers to mathematically extrapolate the motion of the heavens over eons of time. This is exactly how the professors at Princeton developed the theory of dark matter and dark energy. Ptolomy’s machine perfectly accounted for the data gathered from observation. In other words, Ptolomy already knew what the result should be before he built the machine.

The Princeton super-computer experiment did the exact opposite. The professors plugged in the data gained by observing the universe and then asked the computer to spin the universe through billions of years of motion. To their surprise, the entire universe flung itself into oblivion. They deduced that there simply had to be more gravity present than could be accounted for by observable mass and that extra gravity had to be what was holding the universe together. From this theory they developed a precise mathematical model to account for the extra gravity. In this model, the universe is comprised of only 4% visible matter, 22% cold dark matter, and 75% dark energy. So far this formula has held up to rigorous investigation. In fact, if the percentages are changed by only a little, the computer models cause the universe to fly apart. The real question is, will this theory hold up over time? Ptolomy’s theory of a geocentric universe held for a millennium. Perhaps as telescopes become more powerful and varied, the observed data will change. Just such an advancement recently changed our ideas about the speed we think our own galaxy is spinning. Or, perhaps another theory will surface to replace the current idea. Recall that a helio-centric system eventually replaced Ptolomy’s long-standing paradigm.

For many lay people, ideas about cosmology are merely mind-candy. They don’t seem to have any real bearing on day-to-day life. But there are plenty of limiting models in recent history that do. In the 1920s, folks were so enamored with the novelty of the first electroencephologram (EEG) measuring brain waves that they were sure it was evidence of telepathy. Today, neurologists are claiming to measure exact thoughts because they have developed a way to control a robotic arm to mimic the motion of a monkey’s arm simply by mapping the neurons that fire when the monkey thinks about moving its arm. This is a major breakthrough that will lead to the development of devices that will unlock a quadriplegic’s ability to manipulate objects again. While this achievement is worthy of celebration, we must also be careful that we don’t lock ourselves into a limiting model by stating that actual thought energy is being recorded. Brain activity is the shadow of the thought process. For instance, if you are singing a song in your head, your brain activity can be measured and recorded, but not the song itself. Japanese scientists have come a step closer in realizing this sort of dream by claiming that they can externally reproduce an image the eyes are seeing simply by measuring and recording very specific brain activity associated with vision. Again, this is a major breakthrough in brain research, but is it measuring thought energy?

Technologically speaking, we are on the verge of several major research breakthroughs such as those already mentioned. Great care must be taken in how we construct our models so that we do not fall into Ptolomy’s trap of framing our ideas around a limiting concept. Otherwise, it may be another millennium before a brilliant mind comes along showing that we were merely dreaming flat tires.