5 Technologies That Transformed the Process of Learning

The invention of the internet and the new types of technologies in the 21st Century has transformed the traditional concepts of learning taking place in conventional ‘brick and mortar’ classrooms. Technology has indeed made learning more cost-effective and easily accessible. Staff members in such educational institutions also have a new friend in technology since it helps to bring about administrative efficiency to manage the overall learning process.

In this article, I have mentioned the best of technological inventions that has transformed the very structure of teaching and learning.

Wireless Connectivity

There has been a noticeable growth in the popularity factor of wireless connectivity these days. From corporate organizations to educational institutions, every organization is installing broadband connections in their respective sites to improve the process of work, training, and learning. Wireless access to broadband services is now fundamental to the way teachers connect and interact with their students, faculty, and research staff. Today, wireless connectivity is needed to conduct online classes and training, webinars, video conferencing, and so on.

E-books Downloading Option

Students don’t need to buy countless number of text books to study and reference anymore. They can rather save this money by simply downloading e-books from Amazon, Borders and Barnes & Noble, and such similar other e-book sites. Some of the e-bookstores allow downloading of books for free while others require you to purchase the e-books.

Adoption of Mobile Payment Systems

Mobile payments are continuously on the rise as the more preferred transactional platform amongst individuals worldwide. Instead of paying with cash or via paper checks, people prefer to pay using their mobile devices, including cell phones and Smartphone. Mobile payments happen through direct mobile billing, via the web, and through direct operator billing. In the education sector, students can use their cell phones to pay admission and course fees in real-time. They don’t need to travel all the way to the administration office to clear payment formalities.

Use of “Google Search”

“Google Search” is the most widely used search engine in the world. It is used by millions of people to get answers to their queries. Students are using Google Search everyday for a multitude of purpose.


Students can instantly get in touch with the teacher after school hours via emails. School, college, and university teachers are now encouraging students to contact them via emails covering issues that need to be resolved at the earliest. Often teachers who don’t find the time to listen to individual student problems during normal class hours can go through emails and address problems as soon as possible. Besides, students can always send their draft projects or assignments to the professor to have a glance through and point out areas that require improvement.