Four Things That Would Change The World

Free Internet Access for All

According to the internet world statistics it’s estimated that there are two and a half billion people who use the internet. The world population is 7 billion, leaving five billion people still not online.

Most of this is the developing world and remote areas. Imagine if getting online was free just a normal part of society? It would literally change the world.

For example a farmer in a third world country would be able to discover better ways of raising his crops.

The world could freely share its knowledge, ideas and values. This indeed would change the world.

Upgradeable Mobile Phones

According to digital trends it is estimated in 2014 the amount of mobile phones in the world will exceed that of the population.

That is over 7 billion phones on the planet most of the obsolete handsets end up in landfill or recycling centres.

What if the mobile phone was upgradeable just like computers? When screen size and quality cannot get any better. Why not have the ability to upgrade the processor, memory and hard drive along side the software when extra functions and features are needed.

This would change an industry and the demand on the world’s natural resources.

Artificial Intelligence

Technology that can learn is a fascinating area that was previously only discussed in science fiction books is becoming closer to be a reality.

A great example of the beginnings of this is internet search engines, mobile devices and computers. Real world applications could be self-driving cars automated home appliances and companion robots the possibilities are endless.

It would have a profound effect on society if machines could train themselves, it would indeed change the world.

Renewable Energy

It is estimated with an increasing world population that the World’s gas and oil supplies will not last for ever. Production peaked in 2010 and a declined is expected in 2050 with production in Europe finishing by then.

That is only thirty six years away the fact is for the sake of our children and next generations it cannot be ignored. Harnessing energy from wind and sun is a massive challenge at the moment only because we have an alternative. When this alternative ceases to be available resources and intelligence will have to shift its focus into renewable energy.

Improvements in renewable technologies will be the key to the future of the human race on earth.